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10 Foods You Should Buy Organic

Eating healthy has become much more involved than just eating your fruits and vegetables- its about eating local food, organically grown, free from pesticides, growth hormones and chemicals. To educate yourself about the reality of our foods (and especially meat) a great documentary to watch is “Food Inc.”. We promise that within the first 20 minutes you will be on the edge of your seat in surprise of what the food industry is leaking into our food and thus harming our precious bodies.

It isn’t a surprise that eating “organic” costs a pretty penny. The leader in the popular organic food movement is Whole Foods- and has earned them the nickname “Whole Paycheck” in return. With the more research we’ve done, there are certain foods you must buy organic and others you can skip.

The 10 things you absolutely should spend the extra bucks on are:
  • MEAT- growth hormones, steroids and harmful antibiotics
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS- in addition to the reasons noted above, dairy farmers use rbGH to increase milk production and get try to get double amount of milk per cow that what nature intended. This results in “over-milking” which results in swollen and overworked glands, thus puss and blood get into the milk that farmers just cover up with yes… more chemicals.
  • EGGS- see meat, same as above also
  • LEAFY GREENS- product that absorb a large percentage of pesticides or chemicals
  • PEPPERS- absorb pesticides like a sponge thru their thin skin. They are prone to insect infestation which makes them subject to heavy sprayings.
  • POTATOES- double trouble because the vines above ground get pesticide along with the soil getting a dose of fungicide to prevent disease
  • PEACHES- number 1 on the Environmental Working Group’s list of foods with the highest concentration of pesticides (apples and nectarines rank high on this list as well)
  • COFFEE- most likely the beans were grown in a country that doesn’t regulate the amount of pesticides and fertilizers. You can’t wash or peel the coffee beans, so you are just grinding them up with the beans before brewing (yummy!)
  • BABY FOOD- small children are like sponges and are especially susceptible to any harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones
  • DAILY FAV's - Whatever is your favorite food that you eat in abundance- cereal, chips, grapes, carrots etc.

10 Foods you DONT have to buy organic:
It isn't necessary to spend the extra dough, as these specific fruits and veggies don't absorb nearly as much pesticides and/or are peeled before eating:
  • KIWI

To read a more in-depth study into these foods, check out TLC’s Cooking section  or CLICK HERE

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