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The Dreaded Salad

If you’re on a health track, there’s a good chance salad is in your vocabulary on a regular, if not daily, basis.

At first it is fun. With every salad you eat you think “I need to be eating these more often”. You feel fresh, invigorated, and when you are done you feel like Jillian Michaels gave you an approving nod. Inevitably, the honeymoon ends and salads start to haunt you. At home… salad.   At a work… salad. On vacation… yes, salad.  At your favorite bakery- “Sandwich. Salad. Sandwich…. hmmm.. ok salad it is.”

So in the spirit of keeping salads a satisfying meal to eat, we found that the key ingredient is to add something warm atop of the veggie staple items (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers etc).  Here are some ideas on what to add to your salad to make it  DE-LI-CIOUS:

Warm brown rice-  Saute with your favorite seasoning or heb.  Try a tad of the chicken broth in condensed form. Put all your desired veggie fixings on there (tomatoes, green onions, hearts of palm, olives) and enjoy!

Mushrooms- any kind will do just chop up and throw in a skillet

Leftover Chinese- Hopefully its veggie based and not fried, but warm it up and throw on top of fresh greens. For the dressing we recommend “Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette” found at Trader Joes or “Galeos Miso Dressing” found at Whole Foods.

Soybeans- Trader Joes has a bag of frozen peeled soybeans for under $3- makes 5-10 meals. Just warm up on low and sauté with olive oil or soysauce

Hard Boilded Eggs- boil ‘em for about 5 minutes, peel ‘em and chop up on your salad while they are still warm

Tukey Bacon- Although regular bacon is delicious, its probably not on the diet menu. Just as good is turkey bacon- (you won’t know the difference). Saute just a couple of these up and put on a salad. ‘BLT anyone?’

Apples- cut into small pieces, brown until soft. The key to this salad is the dressing… try an Apple or Pear Vinaigrette or look for Poppy Dressing.  Top it off with some dried cranberries and pine nuts.

Veggie Burger- some brands are better than others we like Trader Joes brand (as you can see were big fans). Follow the directions to warm up and put it on top of greens with all the veggie fixings. Do a light vinaigrette with a dollop of ranch on top.

Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite salad addition is... 

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting tidbits of info! Im always wondering what to spend the money on..