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Exercise Tips For Better Sex!!

Think of sex as like a sprint that involves weight lifting, tricky yoga poses and mental endurance all rolled into one 30 minute sweat session (or however long yours may last ;) ).  It shouldn’t be a mystery that the key ingredients to increasing your sexual energy in the sack all relate directly back to certain exercise regimes.  Cardio, strength, flexibility and mental focus are all things we as humans can cultivate outside the bedroom.  If we do, the results will pay off tremendously when we jump back between the sheets . 

Cardio   Thrusting, sweating, rolling around, and repetition of movements, all call for some serious lung capacity while making love. It’s no wonder why many of us have to catch our breath half way between, or find ourselves gasping for air by the end.  To end this airless cycle, the best exercise to implement is one that will strengthen your cardiovascular system.  Enter sprints. Sprints are  bursts of speed that involve running short distances.  When you activate your lungs during sprints you are not only strengthening them but you are preparing them to be ready for your next ‘sprint like stimuli’. The more sprints you do, the less likely you are to run out of breath when you engage in your next ‘sprint’ back at home with your lover.

Flexibility:   Many of us find ourselves in strange gumbi like positions while having sex. Sometimes, it feels okay and other times we aren’t sure if our legs are suppose to twist and flex they way they do.  In either case, the sex pretzel is inevitable and it won’t stop being uncomfortable until we work on our flexibility. This is an easy mystery to solve. Invest in a yoga class three times a week and after a month you will be wondering why you didn’t start your yoga practice when you started having sex.  A strong yoga practice will seriously change your lovemaking forever. Not only will you be able to wrap and flex your limbs as you wish, you most likely will benefit from a strong meditative experience that will provide for an oh-so fulfilling ‘O’!!

Strength:    You don’t have to run off to the gym and bench press a million pounds to gain the strength that will provide for a more enjoyable sex life. By simply structuring in a routine push-up circuit or doing light weight training at the gym will develop the strength you need to stay on top of your game. If you are physically fit, you will be able to engage and experiment more in bed without the exhaustion from holding yourself up in a variety of positions and postures.  Try to do at least 50 pushups a day, three times a week for the next month while also adding in some light weight training. Building this strength is a key component in maintaining physical control and adding variation to your sex life!

So there you have it. The motivation to get exercising has hopefully now been wound up. If good health wasn’t enough reason to get your butt moving, maybe a better sex life is! Besides, when you are physically fit, you will not only feel better, but you will look better too!  Maybe after a couple months of investing in your workouts, you will opt to keep the lights on!

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Anonymous said...

ooooh ! Love this. I definitely agree with the yoga incorporation, it makes for a more mentally and physically satisfying rendezvous!