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To be Rational or Fashionable? What to wear to different types of Yoga Practices

If you are a consistent practicing yogi, you most likely have a studio that you favor, a location that you have settled upon and a routine that is in harmony with your circadian rhythm. So whether your mind and soul stretches best to OM ‘s of Hatha, Vinyasa , or Hot Yoga, you may have a particular kind of outfit that you  also find harmoniously ‘flows’ with the type of class your taking. Or do you?

One thing I have learned through my vigorous mind and body practice of yoga, is that being comfortable is of great importance. Picking the right kind of clothes for a particular style of yoga can help you flow through class with ease.Will you opt to wear your hot pants that you wear to Bikram to a slower paced Hatha Class? Probably not. Below are some suggestions for clothes that will serve to be both comfortable and stylish for whatever type of yoga class you take.

Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa essentially means “Flow”, it is usually a faster paced invigorating practice that focuses on coordination and breath. What is important, is to note is if a level is indicated next to the class. Very often, studios will mark if the class will be more advanced. Either way, you usually should be prepared to have the flexibility in clothing to move freely and the breathability in fabrics in case of light perspiration. The most appropriate type of clothing for this type of practice is a light cotton sports bra (Try OmGirl Asana Bra) a form fitting tank (Try Om Girl Practice Cami) and a pair of cotton Capri’s that hit just above the ankle (Try Tyoga Lotus Capri) Bringing a light long sleeve shirt to wear during the beginning of the practice is essential for building up internal heat. It will also be good to throw on after class has ended to save the energy you created during your practice

Hot Yoga/Bikram:

These practices are some of the most rigorous and you will often leave these classes with puddles of sweat next to your mat. They are often practiced in heat that ranges anywhere between 85 – 105 degrees.  This is not a class to compromise comfort for style, although there are a few things you can wear that will not only feel good, but look good while you sweat your little booty off. Hot pants are perfect for this type of practice, (Try Tyoga Hot Short) make sure they have wicking properties and the ability to dry fast. Feeling insecure? Opt for a mid thigh ‘hot’ short to provide a little more coverage. (Try Hyde Yogi Hot Short)You can do with just a sports bra on top, but for more coverage choose a loose fitting cotton tank (Try Our Love Burnout Tank).You don't want to play slip and slide all over your mat during difficult postures. Investing in a great mat for this type of yoga is important as well.(Try Manduka Slip Resistant Mat)

Hatha/ Yin/ Gentle Yoga:

This type of Yoga practice usually focuses on less asana (postures) and focuses more on mind and meditation. The mediation at the beginning and end of class will typically be longer, and your body will most likely stay cool during the course of the class. The best type of clothing to wear to a gentle yoga class is longer pants. They can be belled or loose fitting. (Try Pink Lotus/Green Dragon Modal Pant)Feel free to layer on top. Typically a light long sleeve is great for this type of class(Try Pink Lotus Burnout Handkerchief Tunic) Wearing socks to this class is also appropriate.

Everyone wants to be comfortable while practicing yoga. It’s okay to want to be a little stylish too!  If you follow this guide you will bring balance, comfort, and style to any type of yoga you practice.

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Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of hot yoga. I really enjoy how it stretches you out and makes you sweat! Great blog, I love it: really spoke to me.