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Feed your ACTIVE soul, spend your next vacation reviving your physical body.

Most of choose to spend our vacations relaxing in the sun, indulging in rich food and wine while fully embracing the stillness of no responsibility. After all that’s why they call it a break right?
While many of us crave some down time, there are a plenty of people who are committed to staying active while planning their next vacation.

If choosing to stay attuned with your physical body is your goal, look into getting hooked up with a vacation that’s itinerary that accommodates and active lifestyle. Whether you love hiking, cycling or recently mainstreamed sports such as kite surfing and paddle boarding, we have some great suggestions for planning your next 'active' getaway.

Paddle Boarding 

“Feed Your Soul; Take a Paddle Board with Us” is the tag line of southwest Florida’s premier paddle boarding adventures and instruction. Try the ‘Eco Tour’ which involves a leisurely paddle through the Back Bays of Fort Myers Beach.  Discover Mangrove Islands, Dolphin, Birds and Manatee. Experience the Beauty of The Islands and the Wildlife that live here.


Hawaii was rated one of the top destinations to travel for active vacations. If you are an avid hiker and want to coincide learning more about Hawaiian culture try attending a ‘Hawaiian walkways’ immersion vacation. Check out the Kilauea Volcano Discovery Hike, and Hike into Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park with a Certified Volcano Guide, where we are immersed in fantastic terrain, the microclimates, dynamic geology and flora of Kilauea volcano, unique in all the world.


Can’t go anywhere without your bike? We hear you and so does Tuscany Cycling tours. These trips offer ‘quintessential Tuscan journey - great for cyclists of all levels’ and provide tours through wine country, serving you the best of both worlds. The itinerary offers a more luxurious feel by providing cyclists with accommodations at the best Tuscany Hotels coordinated with gourmet food and wine.If you are looking for an active yet pampering experience visit http://www.backroads.com/trips/BTTI/tuscany-italy-biking-tour to learn more.

Kite Surfing

Looking for a challenging and guaranteed adrenaline filled vacation? Try jumping on board the Meercat, a fully equipped kite surfing catamaran sailboat that is run by Zenith Ocean Voyages. Sailing the entire Caribbean chain and beyond, from the BVIs to the ABC through the canal to the Marquesas in the Pacific, this voyage  follows the wind in search of deserted spots and perfect conditions for truly memorable kite-ventures. The Facebook page adds perks off possibly witnessing the green flash,  20-knot trade winds, butterflat lagoons, the perfect tan, cool tunes, and just-caught-fish cooked or raw, etc. For more information on upcoming 2011 dates and trips check out: http://www.zenithoceanvoyages.com/rates-dates#dates

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