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Three food habits that are keeping you from losing those five extra pounds

Large Lattes that keep you Large

Okay, we get it; your morning latte is the glimmer of hope that helps you make it through your 9-5. What else would motivate you to stop hitting the snooze button a hundred more times before facing your day? The sweet aroma and taste of a coffee, steamed with milk and swirled with caramel sauce, is hard to imagine going without.  But, the average latte has over 300 calories per serving and that’s just in a small cup of Joe! If you are looking to cut the fat, order your next latte with nonfat milk and hold the whip cream and sugary syrups, you will be deblotified in no time.

Not so diet soda

Hello?! We all know that cutting out soda is one of the fastest ways to reduce caloric intake on a daily basis. But did you know that diet soda also contributes to weight gain? More and more studies have been showing that artificial sweeteners cause bloating, fatigue and sugar cravings. Cut diet soda out and opt for naturally flavored spritzers – or try squeezing a few orange slices into some bubbly water. Start using these substitutions on Monday and plan on feeling great in your skinny jeans by Friday night!

Souper size me Soup

Soup in a can is always going to contain more sodium then your body is really able to handle. Certain brands can contain as much as 850mg of sodium! If you have been wondering why your belly feels so bloated after a small can of soup, there is your answer. Looking for a healthy alternative? If you don’t know how to conjure up a soup by scratch, opt for ‘Amy’s organic soup’ they are much lower in sodium and offer a ton of tasty flavors like cream of tomato and hearty Spanish rice and bean soup!

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